PLEASE NOTE: We specialize in Custom Built Magic. Our production capabilities are limited as there are only the two of us creating these quality effects. Given this, we simply cannot keep them in stock as hard as we try.

We have based our production schedule upon a "Interested List" system.

Just send us an Email indicating the item you are interested in. You will be notified when production nears completion. There is NO NEED to Pre-Pay to be on the list! Payment will be due before shipping only. We only ask that you email us if you have a SERIOUS interest in the future purchase as we cannot afford to build inventory that does not sell.


You have found your way to an entirely new approach to the Design, Creation & Building of  Magic.


My name is Chance Wolf. Co-Founder of Wolf's Magic.

I have spent 25 years of my life as a Graphic Designer, Comic Book Artist and Part-Time Magic Builder and Designer. My passion for Magic had lead me to the decision to create Wolf's Magic. My vision was to revolutionize the Children's Magic as it was lagging in so may aspects from engineering to the outrageously outdated designs. After 10 YEARS of manufacturing magic. I feel I have obtained my objective and helped many performers step into the 21st Century with fresh new routines and FUN props! I hope to give ten more years of service as it has been a true joy!


Shelley Wolf is my Wife and Co-Founder of Wolf's Magic

 Shelley was born and raised in Southern California. She is a Graduate of UC Davis with a Degree in Genetics so I can assure you she is one smart cookie and a hell of a business woman. The craziest decision she has made is to leave a GREAT paying job to go into business with me!! :) She is the BACKBONE to this company and we all owe her a big THANK YOU for working her butt off to keep this company afloat!


Our goal is to bring you New Plots, New Looks and a new Vision as to what ACTUALLY Entertains an audience. My years of experience in Design will be to your benefit as each and every Creation has painstaking hours of development in Design, Function, and Structural Soundness. I want you to be as excited as possible to tear open your package and explore the subtle and not so subtle touches that are added to every effect.

Our most popular line of Magic is titled Wacky Wolf Productions®. This line of Magic has been designed specifically for Magicians specializing in Children's Entertainment. Each prop has been designed in a "CARTOON" Style as to create an overall Theme to your show.  By purchasing the entire line, you can bring TOONTOWN MAGIC to the kids giving a continuity and  Visual Stimulus which NO KID could resist! And that is just the look! The plots are designed to create Laughter and Enjoyment based on everything a kid loves, Noise, Candy, Gross stuff and Magic!


Our building techniques have set a trend as companies begin to imitate our Revolutionary Materials and Building Methods however you are sure to have a Quality Cutting Edge product as we will continue to set the path of Innovation and Entertainment.


EVERY PROP is Hand-Built by myself and partner Shelley right here in the good old USA! WE can assure you a QUALITY prop!

 Thank you for your your support!

Built to Perform & Designed to Collect

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